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Lost and Found

This is a place where you can report any lost discs.  I have lost a few and am getting tired of buying new ones.  Just Email me and we may be able to get your favorite disc back for you.


1. I lost my first disc a red Shark in the pond shooting my fourth tee shot.  It went to the right and to the far end of the pond.  I did not label it so it is gone. 


2. I lost a disc (a white Jaguar) Shooting from the tee on hole six.  There are trees all over the right side.  Down near the end of the trees on the right is where my Jaguar went in.  Never to be seen again.  But I did Label this one   EYEASH, it is printed on the underside.   5/25/2002


3. I lost a disc (a white Polaris LS) Shooting from the red tee on twelve.  The polaris usually goes pretty straight and then fades to the left at the end.  Well I guess I threw it wrong because it went straight and then darted right at the end.  I think it hit the dock on the pond and bounced in.  Though I am not sure because from where you throw there is a hill and I could not see over it.  All I heard was a thud.  This one also was labeled   EYEASH, and it was on the underside.     6/16/2002